Monday, November 15, 2010

Some Facts Regarding Joomla CMS Templates

Template is basically that portion of any website or web project which we view on the internet. The attractiveness of the website totally depends upon its looks. You can easily provide nice looks to your website by making some appropriate changes in its template. There are several content management systems available with the help of which one can easily choose the appropriate theme for his website.

One of the content management systems that provide the theme to its user is Joomla. Joomla basically separates designing portion of the website from its content. Content Management System can be easily used to customize the appearance of your website. The content of the website can be easily edited by the user in this CMS. You can also find several inbuilt template in it. You do not have to make your template in this content management system.

There are several templates available in it which can be used to enhance the look of your webpage. The best thing regarding these inbuilt templates is that these templates are fully customizable. It is very easy to change the header image, body image and the footer. The separate header, body and footer images are available in Joomla. You can also put other images in the place of the images that are available in it.

Joomla Content Management System enables the user to enhance the looks of the template. There are several inbuilt options, in Joomla, with the help of which one can easily customize the template. The overall template is handled with the help of the inbuilt functions. One can easily customize whole template as per his need. You can easily use the inbuilt images that are provided in this CMS. You can also add the image, which you want to be appeared, at any particular place. The Joomla provides an overall command on its template. You can easily edit the image, replace the image and use the inbuilt image very easily and effectively.

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