Thursday, February 17, 2011

Content Development and types of content development

Web Site Development Content

The process of research, collection, compilation, drafting and editing information for publication of web portals is content development. As part of our content development service, we work towards producing quality products online, including the text, to meet their high standards. We take special care of the language used and make sure the grammar is correct.
In the competitive world of today, all one has to do is be in a crowd. And to meet the target on the network, the contents spoken. The content development provides an essential tool for business enterprises. Keyword rich content development can target a much needed boost to their business and help you shine like a star when people compare "with its competitors. This is what our goal is and our foundation is on this principle.
Write search optimized content for your website that is both search engines friendly and also appeals to your target audience.
Marketing Content Development
Content development plays a vital for promotion of their products, services and businesses:
Forcing the sale of copies: Sales letters and promotional material with effective titles that highlight the features and benefits of products / services to ensure a better conversion.
Effective ad copy, ads pay per click (PPC) campaigns to prequalify and to help ensure that people searching for your products or services click on the ads. This helps you get better conversions and greater return on investment (ROI).
Banners and Flyers: A copy of the banner ads and email flyers to promote your product, service, event or business - with an attractive design, animation and compelling ad text.
Press Releases: Hello search engine optimized press releases that announce your product, service, and event or business project in a press ready format that is easily accepted by the world media and also comes on top of engine results search.
Viral content marketing
Amid the growing cynicism about any form of marketing, word of mouth marketing is taking center stage.
With the Web 2.0 age of majority, by word of mouth or viral marketing on the web has become an important mode of online promotion.
We write to absorb the content of the ads on social networking and social book marking sites, blogs, forums, etc. that people like to share with friends and acquaintances, which helps in creating a buzz about your products / services.
E-learning content development
Crisp, educational content designed for e-learning solutions that make fun of training. While writing content for CBT and WBT takes into account the latest theories of cognition.
Before writing the content that clearly define learning objectives and their relevance to the student and write the content accordingly. Appropriate incorporate interactivity and multimedia elements such as 2D/3D animation, audio and video etc. in our content.
Multimedia content development
High performance content development (including storyboard and script writing) of sales and corporate presentations, brochures, multimedia animations etc. to help position and brand of products and services.


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